Each Aquarelle Wash Brush has a beveled
bottom edge ideal for scraping, moving color,
layering & burnishing techniques

Set of 3 Grumbacher Artist Aquarelle Wash Brushes, each hand shaped by the most experienced brush makers. Possibly the most widely used brush by watercolor artists now closeout priced. Each set includes one each of the following:

  • Grumbacher 1" wide 100% Kolinsky Sable Aquarelle Brush, a $156.00 value. Great holding capacity for applying water and color.
  • Grumbacher 1" wide synthetic hair Aquarelle Brush, a $36.00 value. Perfect true edge with snap-back quality.
  • Grumbacher's world famous "6142" Wash Brush. 1" wide with its oversized easy to control green plastic handle. Soft, resilliant oxhair offers perfect stroke control.


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