It all started at my first job in an art supply store. My love for quality brushes. The look. The feel. The shape. Whenever I had to refill the display case, it was almost too much for my heart to bear.

My first purchase from my meager salary was a Size 7 round sable brush I called “Dora.” Wouldn’t dare paint with it. Instead, I just wet it and stared at its perfect point and shapely curves. After that first one, there was no turning back. My whole life centered around payday when I could afford to add to my growing brush collection. And my discovery of overtime just made it grow faster. And so by the time I hit my twenties, my apartment was overrun with 100’s and 100’s of beautiful, wonderful brushes.

It took an intervention from my few remaining friends for me to finally admit I had a problem and needed help. Two long and arduous years later, I finally I kicked the habit and stayed clean for three full years. But then I saw that ad from claiming to sell quality artist brushes for just $1.00 each. And I told myself, “Forget it, Fletch! Don’t do it! Don’t visit their website!” But as you probably guessed, I couldn’t help myself.

Fast forward to the day I opened that first BUCK-A-BRUSH package and just stared at the long polished handles, the stiff but flexible points, the sensually shaped sables. And suddenly, just like old times, my heart raced like it was going to burst out of my chest. “Return it! Give them away! Sell them on eBay!” Hard as I tried to convince myself otherwise, I just couldn’t let them go. And that’s when someone told me about “Brush-a-holic,” where I learned that having an insatiable hunger for quality brushes is a good thing, as long as you can buy them at a huge discount.

Thank you