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Set of 4 German made Pure Red Sable Brushes includes one each sizes 8,9,10,12. Full Belly Vintage imports. Read what artist Luke Buck ( wrote after using these brushes.

“The brush maintained excellent “spring” even while wet. It holds a ample load of water and color and works extremely well with washes and mopping techniques. In addition it has an accurate hair line point for when you need finer detail. In my own technique I enjoy doing a lot of fine detail work and this brush works very well especially with larger paintings”


GRUMBACHER AQUARELLE "6142" 1" wide Oxhair Wash Brush

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Long unavailable we have a limited supply of these acclaimed green handled 1” wide flat ox-hair water color brushes. Mentioned in artist’s blogs as the “MUST HAVE” brush if you’re lucky enough to find one. Beveled green handles used for burnishing, moving, layering and applyingcolor. Soft, resilient hair puts you in control of your strokes with their perfect true edges.

• Extra thick handles provide for secure brush control.
• Beveled green handles designed for burnishing, layering and moving color on your paper.
• Soft, springy ox-hair is more durable than sable; far more controllable than synthetics.


GRUMBACHER 1-1/2" wide Wash Brush

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Perfectly balanced synthetic hair designed to duplicate the feel and control of red sable at a third of the cost. Triple crimped to a short polished wood handle. Guaranteed to be your “GO TO” brush when a large area needs to be washed or colored.


50 ARTIST BRUSHES ONLY 50 cents EACH! (No Charge For The Dust)

Over the years we’ve accumulated thousands of long handled brushes in assorted shapes,styles & sizes that we are now liquidating at 50 cents each.Perfectly usable except that the handles are dusty,some more so than others. (easily cleaned with a damp cloth).Hog hair,synthetics,even red sables are included. Each 50 brush assortment contains 10 each of five different brushes.The ideal usage is for schools,painting parties and artists whose painting style dictates lots of inexpensive brushes.These brushes normally would sell for up to $5.00 each in art supply stores.


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